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Are consumers exposed to toluene?

Toluene may be found as a solvent in paints, coating, thinners, inks, detergents, pharmaceuticals etc., and can be released in trace amounts from some plastics. It may be present in the air as a vapour resulting from its use as an octane booster in gasoline and as a solvent.

The overall exposure of an individual to toluene is unique to that individual, since it is dependent on his/her life-style and daily activities, as well as the levels of toluene exposure associated with each of these. In rural areas, exposure due to gasoline is far lower than those found in the cities. Also, when a room is freshly painted with paint containing solvents, the exposure in the room is greater than in pristine air, which is why freshly painted rooms should always be carefully aired.

However, it should be remembered that all products containing toluene are regulated by authorities in collaboration with the industry, so as to apply stringent standards and protect consumers from any risk. European regulations recommend a workplace exposure limit in the air of 50 ppm.