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Do workers run risks when handling toluene?

According to our current state of knowledge, today’s very stringent "occupational exposure" limits, controls and working practices provide excellent protection against any risks associated to potential exposure to toluene.
Exposure is possible in industries where toluene and gasoline are produced (chemical industry and mineral oil and fuel industry) and where toluene is used as chemical agent or used as an ingredient (e.g. polymer, paints lacquer and varnishes, pulp paper and board, textile, processing and chemical industry). exposure to toluene is also possible whenever toluene containing products are used.

When exposure to toluene occurs, it is primarily by inhalation of vapour and liquid aerosols (e.g. by spray painting). National and international authorities limit the exposure by imposing occupational exposure limits. The recommended workplace limit is 50 ppm (8 hour average). In addition industries strive to reduce exposure with the application of engineering controls and protective equipment requirements in addition to continuous training among workers.