What are aromatics, what's their chemical composition and how are they manufactured?

Are there risks for the health?

At unusually high concentrations or in cases of abuse, toluene can produce central nervous system disorders, as can most solvents, including alcohol. There are conflicting data on reproductive risks in women. Miscarriages have been reported in pregnant women sniffing glues containing toluene. For this reason, toluene is labelled as a reprotoxic substance. However, it should be noted that no reproductive effects have been noted in workers occupationally exposed to toluene alone. According to our current state of knowledge, today’s controls and working practices provide excellent protection against these risks.

It should be remembered that zero-risk products, whether natural or man-made, do not exist. Even common, over-the-counter pain-killers, for example, have to be taken following strict precautions, such as not exceeding a certain dose, or not ingesting them on an empty stomach. This is what "managing the risks" means.