Many items taken for granted in our everyday lives rely on products made by the aromatics industry – from aspirin and refrigerators through to clothes, cars and sports equipment. Find out about the contribution of aromatics to our quality of life… and the industry’s environmental performance… and safety at work… and much more besides.

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About the European Aromatics Industry

The Aromatics Producers Association (APA) is a sector group within the Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe (APPE), which is another name for the Petrochemistry Programme of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic).

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What is toluene used for?
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What are Aromatics?

Aromatics, so called because of their distinctive perfumed smell, are substances derived from crude oil and, in small quantities, from coal. Aromatics are hydrocarbons, organic compounds that consist exclusively of the elements carbon and hydrogen – without which life would not be possible on Earth.

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Why Aromatics?

1The Science

Discover what we are doing to improving the scientific understanding of our products.

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2A responsible Industry

We are committed to the responsible management of our products.

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3The Chemistry

Learn more on the discovery, evolution and chemical structure or aromatics.

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Find out more on what aromatics are made of and how they are manufactured.

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