What are aromatics used and how do they improve our quality of life?

Safety on the road: from tyres to fuel-efficient cars

Modern transport depends on the products manufactured from aromatics. Should all components of a car, a lorry or an aircraft made from aromatics-based products be removed, non of those might no longer exist!


Let's focus on the car. Body, bumpers, lighting, dashboard, seats, upholstery, fuel systems, under-the-bonnet components are generally all made from products derived from aromatics. The automotive industry find them easy to process, but also the weight savings achieved through the use of these products means that the environmental impact of driving is reduced drastically.

As a car is now much lighter than it used to be, thanks to aromatics-derived products, fuel consumption can be cut by 750 litres of a life span of 150,000 Km.

Synthetic rubbers, also derived from aromatics, gives tyres better road-hugging ability, especially on wet roads and also increase tyre mileage.

Aromatics-derived products are key to meeting the demands of modern motorists, who want high performance cars, improved reliability and safety, style, competitive pricing and, increasingly, reassurance about environmental impact.

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