How does the aromatics industry see the sustainable development of their products?

Responsible Care

Responsible Care is an initiative of the whole, worldwide chemical industry, and thereby an initiative to which the European aromatics industry adheres actively and wholeheartedly. It is a voluntary programme through which the industry is committed to continual improvement in all aspects of health, safety and environmental performance and to open communication about its activities and achievements.

Responsible Care is much more than a set of principles and declarations. Through the sharing of information and a rigorous system of checklists, performance indicators and verification procedures, it has enabled the industry to improve over the years and to develop policies for further improvement. In these ways, Responsible Care helps the industry to operate safely, profitably and with due care for future generations, and also, thereby, to gain the trust of the public.

Fundamental features of Responsible Care include:

  • A formal commitment by each company to a set of guiding principles
  • Codes, guidance and checklists to help companies to fulfil their commitment
  • The development of indicators against which improvements in performance can be measured
  • Open communication on health, safety and environmental matters with interested parties, both inside and outside the industry
  • Procedures for verifying that member companies have implemented the measurable or practical elements of Responsible Care.

Under Responsible Care, the industry collects as much data as possible on its health, safety and environmental performance, and reports to stakeholders every year. The process also enables industry federations and companies to share best practice and so improve their performance.

Stakeholders include yourself, who are reading this text. To know more about Responsible Care and find out about the health, safety and environmental performance of the industry, click here.