How does the aromatics industry see the sustainable development of their products?

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is about responsibly managing the health, safety and environmental aspects of a chemical product throughout its lifecycle; in other words, it is Responsible Care applied to products.

This is another industry initiative adhered to closely by the European aromatics industry. The purpose of Product Stewardship is to prevent injury to human health and damage to the environment in two main ways:

  • By reducing the actual and potential risks associated with the manufacture, packaging, distribution, handling, use and disposal of industry products, and
  • By improving product design, assessment practices, advice, education, communication and customer support.

Product Stewardship covers all stages of a product's lifecycle - initial concept, design, research and development, the sourcing of raw materials, manufacture, storage, distribution, applications, reasonably foreseeable uses, recycling and disposal. It requires management, employees, contractors, customers and all those involved in the supply chain to work together in following safe, environmentally sound practices.

By adopting Product Stewardship, companies of all sizes can play their part in protecting people and the environment from potential harm. Although companies are technically liable only for that part of the supply chain that they themselves manage, they need to be concerned with everything that happens to their products from start to finish.
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