What are aromatics used and how do they improve our quality of life?

Aromatics in everyday life

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World of Aromatics

Improving the quality of your life

Many items taken for granted in our everyday lives rely on products made by the aromatics industry – from aspirin and refrigerators through to clothes, cars and DVDs. Find out about the contribution of aromatics to our quality of life… and the industry’s environmental performance… and safety at work… and much more besides.

The list of everyday products and items manufactured with an input from aromatics is endless. Here, we will focus on just a few of them...

  • Healthcare


    Aromatics play an essential part in manufacturing pharmaceuticals.

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  • Automotive


    Aromatics are a key component in a wide range of automotive parts.

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  • Packaging


    Aromatics make appliances and the food safer and easier to use.

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  • Electronics


    DVDs, computer casings, keyboards, mobile phones all rely on aromatics.

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  • Clothes


    Scores of innovative fibres are available thanks to aromatics.

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  • Sports Equipment

    Sports Equipment

    Many light-weight, high-performance materials are based on aromatics.

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  • Construction


    The building and construction industry uses aromatics for a wide and growing range of applications

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